Can Artificial Intelligence learn Dewey and assist our patrons? AI-conference

The conference is a collaboration between the National Library of Norway and Stanford University Libraries Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we access, manage, and process information, which in turn is having a dramatic impact on knowledge production. Libraries will need to play a central role in the preservation and dissemination of knowledge in this new environment. As more and more memory and knowledge institutions’ collections become digital while continuing to expand, we are already observing significant consequences for their upkeep. For the past two years the National library of Norway has experimented with Machine Learning (ML) for library purposes, named after the famous public librarian Nancy Pearl, our AI “Nancy” has worked both with cataloging and analyzing parts of out collection. Based on a limited set of experiments, its already obvious that AI/ML represents a new level in library development. We will present some of the results of this work during the conference. Some of the leading thinkers in the field will participate in the conference, addressing both the opportunities and the challenges that the AI revolution poses to the world in general, and to knowledge institutions specifically, amongst them assistant professor, author and journalist Meredith Broussard, who will talk about how AI not only helps us interpret the world, but also misinterprets and brings bias to it, and CEO of Yewno Ruggero Gramatica, who will address the question of how AI/ML can help us structure the information in the collection of libraries in new ways. A series of organisations including the Danish library central and the oil company Equinor, will share their experiences with AI in analyzing big data or structuring information. By tracing the ideology of Artificial Intelligence and robotics to ancient myths and literary stories George Zarkadakis will explore how the automation of the human intellect is redefining three of the most fundamental human experiences: how we produce economic value, how we relate with each other, and how we govern ourselves. Leaders, technologists, researchers, librarians, and users from university and national libraries worldwide are hereby invited to this first major conference on AI/ML in the library sector, and a conversation about how these technologies are changing our world. We will use the conference as a platform to develop a library community focused on the application of a wide range of AI technologies to internal processes as well as services that deliver information to our patrons. There will be workshops and roundtables after the conference, and we will host an outreach conference on IIIF Thursday 6th December.