The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is driven by a growing community of the world’s leading research libraries and image repositories working together to produce an interoperable technology and community framework for image delivery. Stanford University Libraries is chairing this effort. The IIIF is anchored by well defined Application Programming Interfaces developed and vetted by an open and rigorous community process. The IIIF community encourages and supports the development of compatible image serving and viewing software that is easy to install and provides a dazzling user experience. The conference will focus on practical use cases to show the participants how the results of the IIIF-work can influence their work with high quality digital images. The new possibilities for collaboration between several institutions on image objects or collections, will also be discussed. IIIF-conference and workshops will take place in Oslo in December. The conference is a collaboration between the National Library of Norway and Stanford University Libraries.