Notated Music in the Digital Sphere: Possibilities and Limitations

In the last couple of decades, digital humanities has evolved, giving different research fields new angles and new tools. Integrating technology and using digital resources in the humanities makes it possible to conduct research in new ways and give us new understanding of the humanities as a field. For notated music, however, the development seems somewhat slower regarding digital research. Compared to text or sound, being more a kind of «vessel» for the composer’s intentions, notated music seems to fall between categories in the digital humanities. This one-day seminar aims to investigate the digital possibilities and limitations for notated music in the sphere of digital humanities, and look further into areas and digital opportunities relevant for libraries, archives and music collections. The speakers are researchers each specialized within different fields of notated music in a digital setting. Speakers Andrew Hankinson (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford) Julia Craig-McFeely (Faculty of Music, University of Oxford) Axel Teich Geertinger (Danish Centre for Music Editing, Royal Danish Library) Olivier Lartillot (Department of Musicology, University of Oslo) Jøran Rudi (NOTAM) Jennifer Ward (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales) Bjarke Moe (Society for Danish Language and Literature) Moderator: Darla Crispin (Norwegian Academy of Music)